can prime time network tv save us from mediocrity

Despite the fact that it’s inherently lame and incredibly redundant, I need to take this moment to write about the awesomeness of Jack Bauer. We need to thank the fox network. that’s right folks, thank them. Because, despite all the evil they do and the lies they spread, they bestow upon us the beauty that is 24.

Every year I doubt it can be any good, that they can suspend my disbelief, that they can create a compelling and even remotely plausible reason for Jack returning to save LA and freedom itself. And then BaM! It happens.

It’s awesome, it’s smartly written, it’s ‘balanced’ without being preachy or condescending and I find myself biting my nails and enjoying the ride.

Now, of course it’s not perfect, but damn if it’s isn’t fun and some smart fun at that. And there is not nearly enough of that in this world. Finding it in the least likely of places- the bastion of mediocrity and banal entertainment and hostile right wing invective, makes it all the better.

Of course with Two and a Half Men, Yes Dear and whatever the hell else they actually buy, CBS is making a serious play for Fox’s title of the home of the insipid sitcom.

There I go being redundant again.


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