it’s raining in tokyo


Because I am a total jackass, I did not check the dollar to yen conversion rate before I left Melbourne,  Sydney, New York or wherever.  Cut to me getting to the Citibank ATM after 11 hours of flying and arriving in Tokyo at about 8:30 pm.  or 10:30 Melbourne time.  Or 9:30 am yesterday in New York.  Or whatever.  I go to the ATM machine, put in my card, and for the first time in the long history of my travels have absolutely no idea what to do.  I had to cancel my transaction, go check out the Thomas Cook rates, come back, stand in line and get money.  I  still didn’t quite understand because I barely got enough to pay for my train ticket to the city.  Then I had to go back again, wait for some seriously confused Brits to get their cash and withdraw about ten times the amount I’d originally done.

Incidentally, and oddly enough, shit’s a lot cheaper here than in Australia, as least as far as food is concerned.  I’m waiting for that illusion to be shattered.

so, Japan is getting all the rain Australia so desperately needs.  It is pouring.  I was planning on retailling (like shopping, but you take notes instead of buy things) or go on a day trip.  now, i’m thinking of renting movies in my room for 2500 Yen a pop (no, I have NO idea what that is).  maybe read finish my horrible crime thriller.  Take a shower.  Watch Barack Obama on CNN International (man, are people as or more obessessed with the election as Americans are). 

Or maybe I should just buy an umbrella?


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