how do you mourn the man who taught you to silence a gun with a potato?

oh no, you guys!  mr. wizard died today.  i’m so sad; he was awesome.  he’s probably the reason i love science so much. 

i do not want to hear from you kids who don’t remember when a cable box resembled a blender, except the buttons brought you to hbo, espn, cnn, a fuzzy porn channel and nickelodeon instead of puree, blend, mix and chop.  the man used to do things in his kitchen set that were so awesome and fun.  and when you made a rocket out of the cardboard roll inside of a paper towel roll and some baking soda and set it off in your kitchen, your mom couldn’t even really get mad because it was science.

i remember learning how to make so many fun and interesting things on that show.  damn.  he was like a mashup between captain kangaroo and macguyver- it doesn’t get better than that when you’re a kid. 

RIP, Don Herbert. 


1 Response to “how do you mourn the man who taught you to silence a gun with a potato?”

  1. 1 ms savory 19 June, 2007 at 11:38

    This is so sad!! I had SUCH a crush on Mr. Wiz! RIP Don…

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